My github repositories

I recently made public more of my programming projects from the past. My github profile now includes:

  • luacnn - Convolutional Neural Network for hand digit recognition using Torch7 and Lua.
  • metrics - a Torch7 package to compute some metrics, such as area under ROC.
  • lakeml - some Machine Learning algorithms implemented in C++, e.g. AdaBoost, K-means, EM for (diagonal) Gaussian Mixture Models.
  • partitracker - a simple Particle Filter implemented in C++ and OpenCV.
  • sudoku - a Sudoku puzzle solver in pure C.
  • kdtree - a K-d tree C++ implementation, for Nearest Neighbours search.
  • likewise - a simple Python webserver for image similarity search, using the embeddings from a pre-trained convnet.
  • fractals - Zoomable Mandelbrot fractal renderings using PyGame.
  • acm_utils - Data structures and algorithms useful for programming competitions (trie, balanced tree, big ints, suffix arrays, etc.) and other small C or C++ pearls.