John Searle: Beyond Dualism

It’s now time to make the first suggestion about philosophy of mind.

And who else could it be if not the well-known american philosopher John Searle (the one from the Chinese-room argument against strong AI). 
Check out this animated talk at IBM Almaden Institute on Cognitive Computing (2006).

One thought on “John Searle: Beyond Dualism

  1. Very interesting talk. I’m still amazed with internet. These days, you can just sit at home and watch lectures with some of the most renowned teachers in the world almost for free. That university do not recognize the big changes surprises me even more. The talk itself is quite fascinating. I guess every time there is a discussions involving consciousness and computers some how it always ends up questioning whether free will is an illusion. I like the fact that Searle while stating that humans will never create an artificial brain, he gives hints about what is the best way to do it. I guess the work of Damásio is also helping to clarify some of the brain mysteries.

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