Contributing to Torch

I recently started playing with the torch library again. Torch7 is now a growing set of packages, managed by luarocks. I really like this approach because it forces torch contributors to make their code more modular and re-usable.

So far, I have done a few very simple contributions to the torch ecosystem:

1) Extended the matio package, which reads MAT files, to support structs, cell arrays and strings, in addition to loading tensors, which was already implemented:

2) Started working on a metrics package for torch, which will compute things like ROC (Receiver Operator Curve) and Confusion Matrices. Probably dozens of other people have written similar code for torch, but I couldn’t find an authoritative package doing just that. So, I started one at:

3) Finally, I did a small refactoring on my example project that uses convolutional neural networks for handwritten digit recognition. The code is now split into two files: one to load the USPS dataset and another one to create the network, train it and evaluate it. This makes it easier for new people to understand the example.

Enjoy it!

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